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Elizabeth is a multifaceted creative professional with experience in project management, marketing, brand development, themed entertainment design, museum exhibition design, conceptual art, and performing arts, including film, television, dance and theater.

Born in Boston, Elizabeth was raised in Concord, Massachusetts, and spent time as a child in England. Graduating summa cum laude, Elizabeth holds an M.F.A. in production design from Savannah College of Art and Design and B.F.A. in dance performance from Chapman University. With a passion for storytelling and entertaining an audience, Elizabeth discovered her artistic voice both on and off the stage from dance, vocal, and piano performances to set design for film, TV, and theater. Now working in marketing and advertising, Elizabeth applies her creative skill set to brand campaigns, community partnerships, event design, and content management.

An all-around artist, Elizabeth has worked as a creative lead on varying projects in different industries, providing her with a unique, well-rounded, and diverse perspective. Since returning to Boston, Massachusetts in May to get married to her fiancé this July 2024 and begin their lives together living near both of their families, Elizabeth is currently looking for full-time employment.

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