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Vanessa Platacis:
Taking Place

Vanessa Platacis, my former fine arts professor and Savannah-based artist, hired me after graduation to create the 3-D digital renderings for her 2,700 sq. ft. wall painting installation at the Peabody Essex Museum in Peabody, Massachusetts, which has been on display since 2019.

PEM_Top Plan_Measurements_11_26.png
Andrewes_PEM_Isometric Projection_11-5.png
Andrewes_PEM Isometric.png
Andrewes_PEM Copeland.png
Andrewes_PEM Bartlett to Copeland.png
Andrewes_PEM Niche to Copeland.png
Andrewes_PEM Copeland to Bartlett.png

William Andrewes:

Mind and Measure

In preparation for graduate school, I worked for my father, William Andrewes, sundial architect and museum curator, assisting with sundial projects, restoration work, archival research, cataloging, and constructed a working model for a private collection in Hartford, Connecticut.  In addition, I made him a custom watchmaker's tool case, designed with four removable compartments and precisely cut recesses for each tool or instrument.

andrewes_2880 copy.jpg
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