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Andrewes_BUG 3.jpg

The Beautifully Ugly Door

Andrewes_BUD 5.jpg

Production Designer, Parker Beck, hired me to work as a concept and scenic artist for the promotional video, The Beautifully Ugly Door, set in Orlando, Florida.  Below are sketches I created with oil paint, colored pencils, and charcoal.  I also painted and aged a life-size door used in the main character's bedroom in the film.

Key in Charcoal.png
Andrewes_BUG 2019 2 copy 2.png
Andrewes_BUG 4.jpg
Andrewes_BUG 2019 1.jpg
Fairy Door.png

Technicolor Raincoat

Inspired by a water pattern I saw on my mother's winter coat caused by the rain, I came up with the idea to create a raincoat that changes color, or images appear, when exposed to water.  Whether a simple color change, landscape, floral design, mosaic pattern, or even a famous painting, I believe Technicolor Raincoat, a garment of creative expression, would prove that rainy days can be fun!  

Technicolor raincoat (reduced file size) copy.jpg
M and E and Oddy England 1991.jpeg
Oddy, our sheepdog, in the lead, as my big brother Matthew and I run down memory lane back to Abbey House in 1991.

Granny's Magic

Currently a draft, Granny's Magic is a work in progress for a children's book that I was inspired to write based on my own Granny, who I fondly remember visiting as a child when we traveled to England.  Granny (and Gramps) lived in a centuries-old residence called Abbey House. Full of character and memories, Abbey House was tucked away in the lush, rolling pastures of Dorset, where sounds and smells of sheep and cows filled the air, accompanied by the whispers of the wind and a daily downpour.


Granny had a rare ability, something most grandmothers don't have: an ability to "make magic," but only at night.  A quick way for parents to turn ut the light!  Granny's Magic works wonders in getting children to go to sleep. Quickly and quietly, without making a peep!  A nightly tradition that I'd like to share with other parents, be them GRAND or not, to assist in making bedtime routine not only something to look forward to, but magical for you and the kids!

GM 1.png
Page 1 GM.jpg

Digital paintings created in Photoshop, 2020.

Granny's Magic 2.png

Shark Tooth Cowboys

Created for a Savannah-based filmmaker, I designed this logo for his low country adventures capturing video footage of wildlife, his boat crew's fishing excursions, and, of course, lots of shark teeth, mostly found at Shark Tooth Island.  Shark Tooth Cowboys has a popular Youtube and social media following.

Shark Tooth Cowboy Logo 14.png
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